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Supply List


1-inch 3 ring binder (1 count)

May have designs or pictures that reflect Christian values.  No cartoons or pop stars.

36 count #2   0.7mm leads

These containers will be kept by the teacher or a responsible student for distribution to students as the need for lead arises. Students, especially younger students, who keep lead in their desks tend to view it as a toy rather than a tool. Therefore the teacher will monitor, perhaps through a student, the distribution of lead.

1 white high-polymer eraser- can be in a pencil form, or in a white rectangle

The white high-polymer erasers work well for erasing marks completely. Some pink erasers work well, and some do not. The erasers with cute shapes are usually awkward to work with and do not do a good job of erasing.

*1 Box of 24 Crayola Crayons

I have watched students work with other brands. Other brands of crayons do not leave as bold marks, and they break more easily. Crayons will be used during the first grading period.

*1 Set of 12 Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils--May bring a set of 24 if the student is in 5th grade or higher

Regular colored pencils are usually good until they need to be sharpened. It has been my experience that once the colored pencils need to be sharpened the lead keeps breaking. One art project can be all it takes to completely wear down the tips on wooden colored pencils, and then they are no longer effective. Students get frustrated. The teacher and other students end up abandoning art, science, social studies or reading projects to sharpen pencils only to have the lead break. While Crayola twistable colored pencils may break, they are generally more reliable than wooden colored pencils. This contributes to the smooth functioning of the classroom. Colored pencils will be used during the 3rd grading period.

1 pair of scissors

I recommend Fiskars for kids.  Please buy a reliable pair that fits your child's hand.  This is especially important for grades 1-4 students. Grades 5-8 students will not do as much cutting.

*1 set of 10 Classic Colors Crayola Markers

Buy Crayola.  I have watched students with other brands of markers.  The other brands run out of ink quickly, and student projects do not turn out as nice.  Markers will be used during the 2nd grading period.

*1 set of watercolor paints

This can be a simple tray with about 8 colors in it.  If you buy the water color paints in the white tray the colors are more vivid and the paint is easier to work with then the paint sold in the yellow trays.  Paint will be used during the 4th grading period.


2 packages of lined paper

Buy wide ruled for grades 3-4, College ruled for grades 5-8.  We supply paper for grades 1-2. This paper is to be given to the teacher for distribution to the class as needed.

1 Large box of Kleenex tissues

The teacher will store these and set out one box at a time in the classroom.

3 10 oz. (approx.) Bottles of hand soap

These will be stored by the teacher and placed in the bathrooms as needed.  If you prefer, you may buy one big bottle, but be sure you send 30 ounces of soap per child.

1 backpack

Must be a plain style.  Please avoid clothing or other items with cartoon figures etc.

4 Glue Sticks

0. 21 oz. or 6 grams or more.  Students should keep only one glue stick in their desk at a time.  Make sure all glue sticks are labeled and the teacher will store additional glue sticks in the office for later distribution.

1 set of headphones or earbuds

Headphones will be used at the computers.  Students prefer to have personal headphones for sanitation purposes.

Dry Erase Markers

These may be used by the students or the teacher.  These will be stored by the teacher and distributed as needed.

Please put your child's name on ALL items.  This includes every crayon, marker, colored pencil, backpack etc.  This helps keep things flowing smoothly in the classroom since stray crayons etc. can easily and quickly be returned to their owners, and owners are less likely to be missing a particular color.  Please use one of the following methods to label items.

Method 1: Write students name or initials on all items with a permanent marker.

Method 2: Neatly write your child's name on a very small piece of paper and affix it to the item with a piece of scotch tape that completely covers the label.

Method 3: Type your child's name on paper several times.  Cut out your child's name, and attach your child's name to the item with scotch tape.

If you would like help creating labels, the teacher can print labels for you at registration.

Thank you for your careful attention to preparing your child for school.  I look forward to working with you this year.

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